Autumn Trees

Embrace Your Sense of Self

I subconsciously talk and joke in a way that imitates the people who I admire sometimes. You may have heard the saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when you imitate someone instead of being yourself, what does that say?

I lost who I was way back in high school as I valued the traits of my peers over my own. I started replacing myself piece by piece as I deemed my value to be in the red.

I am noticing that I am more effective when I am just myself. Learning to be comfortable while accepting myself is important because I can’t start over as someone else and expect to get to the places that I dream of inhabiting. Becoming who I am will help me figure out what’s in my toolbox. Discover your own value and if you are finding yourself coveting someone else’s traits, don’t bother. You have a precious, exquisite self.


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