I’m No Beyoncé

Our value and purpose don’t change when we find someone who is more skilled than we are in a particular area. That person may be a potential mentor, or inspiration to help us better our craft.

I’ve met lots of people who do things better than I can and have read articles that are much more enticing than the pieces that I have written.

The words that I have for someone doesn’t disappear when I read something that appears to be better.

My sole reason for being here on this earth doesn’t change based on other people’s skill sets and skill levels.

Guess what I used to say if someone would ask me if I can sing?

You guessed it!

“I’m no Beyoncé.”

Seriously? No one should be “Beyoncé” besides Beyoncé. She is one of a kind, and so am I! I’m leaving that foolishness behind me.

When we put ourselves down so that it will hurt less before someone else takes a jab at us, we are just wounding ourselves. Self-inflicted wounds can create a stumbling block if you do decide to step out in your gifts later.


When you finally decide to step out, your negative self-talk will stream across your mind, highlighted as if on a jumbotron.

Don’t despise small beginnings, or ever compare yourself to someone else. Let’s not bury our gifts and value because other lights are shining brightly. The more lamps, the better!


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