Sugar – It’s What’s For Dinner…and Basically Any Meal

I lost about 80 pounds a couple of years ago and was able to keep the weight off by mostly eating natural foods with an emphasis on vegetables.

I migrated away from those good habits in the past couple of months, and have gained about 6-8 pounds. Besides the weight gain I now experience stomach cramps and headaches. I’ve noticed visceral fat and the sagging skin on my arms which I worked so hard to get rid of. My clothes don’t fit the same way, and I’m not happy with how I look.

Was that too much information for you?  I didn’t feel comfortable mentioning visceral fat or the soggy arms, but I’m going for realism here.

I just watched That Sugar Film (available on, and am now considering eliminating added sugar from my diet. Since it’s in pretty much every man-made food item, I’ll have to go back to produce and grains in order to avoid the sugar. You should check out That Sugar Film if you think that eating low-fat processed foods are a good way to lose weight.

The documentary tracks a man’s health for two months as he eats 40 teaspoons of sugar per day from only things that are marketed as healthy. He gains weight and messes up his liver and blood work while avoiding soft drinks, candy, and desserts.

Eating lots of sugar causes weight gain because the body instructs fat cells to hold onto the fat as it deals with getting the sugar out of the bloodstream and into the cells so that it can be burned for energy.

Don’t want to take my word for it? Good, you shouldn’t because I’m no expert. You can get more information from this link:

I should obviously give up candy, desserts, and sweeteners. But, I also need to consider giving up processed foods that are marketed as “healthy sweets.”

Sugar affects your mental health as well as your physical health. It can cause heightened anxiety and mood swings. You can learn more about how excessive amounts of sugar can affect your mental health at Psychology Today.

I’m looking forward to getting and staying fit, feeling healthy, and not dealing with highs and lows from the food that I eat.

Consider your health and whether a change is needed. You only get one life here on earth. Please join me in avoiding the health risks that come with making poor eating choices today.


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