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8 Tips From My Cross Country Move

  1. You can move your non-electronic/fragile items inexpensively by Amtrak Express Shipping. It cost me $87 for the first 100 pounds and .74 cents for each additional pound. Since no box can be over 50 lbs, I went overboard trying to avoid overweight boxes and ended up with more boxes than I would have liked. Have a good idea of what 50 pounds feels like if you can’t weigh the boxes before taking them to the station. Yeah, good luck.
  2. If you are renting, try to rent an apartment with a lease that starts when you plan to move in versus paying for extra weeks before your move just so that you can secure an address. I know this is obvious, but I felt pressured to have a new address far in advance and fell for an expensive deal out of desperation.
  3. If you are planning to dump most of your belongings to make a move more affordable, take caution. Be honest with yourself about your emotional attachment to your belongings and consider paying more to move things that may be hard to discard. I sold/threw out/donated over half of my stuff, and it was a very stressful time.
  4. If you plan to get rid of most of your stuff, start as early as possible. I tried holding out for the best offers on furniture and equipment, but that just caused a longer to-do list to take care of in a shorter period.
  5. If you are shipping your car to your destination, consider what it will be like to not have your car at your current location, and at your new home. I sent my car on its way days too soon, and it made it harder for me to run errands before the move.
  6. Find a way to take all of your donations to your charity of choice at once instead of making many trips back and forth. Dropping it all off at once can alleviate the stress of always needing to drop off more items. Spending money to donate items that can’t be picked up sounds crazy so see if someone you know has a van that you can use.
  7. Figure out how you will secure essentials in advance if you are traveling light to your destination. Amazon Prime Now was my best friend when I arrived at my new place with only a couple of suitcases and no car. I was able to order household items for delivery within a few hours.
  8. Take the time to honor the people you are leaving. I decided to forego any and all “goodbye” type of events because…well, I don’t like social events. I did regret not spending more time honoring the people I would not see much anymore.

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