What Makes You Lose It?

This post is in response to a writing prompt on anger. I seem to need those now to post. 😦 sad facesad face

I get angry when “nice” people walk all over me. The walking isn’t what bothers me; it’s the fact that I was hand-picked not to be treated with the same courtesy or grace that everyone else that they know usually gets.

Have you ever tried explaining to someone about how a “nice” person treated you poorly? Prepare yourself for the blank stares or looks of disbelief.

Well, excuse me for having the self-respect to be offended by someone considered “nice”!


What does that word represent? It’s like a placeholder…a word that you use to describe something that’s void of flavor when you don’t want to be offensive.

“The show was nice.” Note here that the show was not “great” or, “amazing” or, even “good.”  It was just nice.

“Nice” is the watered down word that we use to describe unfamiliar people who don’t seem to be axe murderers or thieves. It sounds a little rude to say that someone is “okay,” so we say that they seem “nice.”

Cloaks of niceness are swept around shoulders every day to hide pride, judgment, cliques, pettiness (not like this post – this post is not petty), and who knows what else.


Being pushed around by a meanie is expected. When surrounded by meanies, I am guarded and ready to be attacked.


But, when the nice person comes up to you, you are just not expecting it. You are prepared to be “nice” back, and you just don’t expect the cold water that strikes your face as it leaves the bucket in that “nice” person’s hands.






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