Always Hope

Hola, people! It’s a beautiful 76 degrees here in the Sacramento area, but I’m inside recovering from an emotional week.

My anxiety has been stealing my hope for my future, but I decided to have hope again today.

Imagine a leaf that’s still attached to a tree, but is starting to fade. Since it’s still connected to the life source, some green is visible on the leaf. That leaf is your mind, and you need to make the positive, hopeful thoughts spread through all of the dying brown and yellow areas.

There’s no reason to choose not to believe that things will get better. You should hope for the best instead of accepting defeat simply because life is much more pleasant with hope than without it.

I’m comfortable admitting when I’m losing faith because I know that faithlessness is not my final destination.

It’s important to cover yourself in prayer and stay close to God even while you are hurting. When I am experiencing disappointment or fatigue from going through social anxiety all of the time, I feel like I am not experiencing God’s goodness, and I want to turn away from him.

Since I was feeling far from God for the last few day, I sang some worship songs, and I felt a little more at home by the second song. I then started to think of one of my favorites, King of My Heart, by John Mark and Sarah McMillan.

My favorite line in that song is “When the night is holding on to me, God is holding on.” I’m affected by things that I have experienced, but I’m not going through any of this alone, and neither are you. God is with us!

Listen to this song if you have some time today. I pray that it blesses you and helps to turn your heart back to God if it has wandered away because of the unpleasant things in life.


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