Forgiveness Woes

Photo by Jim Jackson

God may not be through with you, but I am! – Random Internet Meme

I have been thinking about offenses lately and how I seem to get caught in their web.

Sometimes something that upset me will play out in my mind after I forgave the person involved. I will then think that I am holding onto a grudge and will forgive them again hoping that makes the thoughts go away.

It goes a little like this:

“Oh man, I’m still angry at him. I choose to forgive him for that situation.”

And the next day

“I just thought about it AGAIN. I forgave him yesterday! Why am I still upset?? I CHOOSE to FORGIVE him (again). Lord, please help me not to be upset with him anymore.”

And the next day

You get where I am going with this, right? The issue isn’t how I feel about the person that upset me. The problem is the hurt.

Trying to forgive someone for the same offense over and over messed with my faith and made me feel like I was unforgiving. Dealing with that cycle distracted me from the actual problem – my wounded heart.

Now I know that I can sincerely forgive people in faith and can then move on to address the wound that they uncovered.

Do you find yourself dealing with the same offense rattling around in your mind?

It’s like the pain changes its face and voice to fit the last person that brushed up against that sore spot and keeps nudging you that the grief still exists.

Deal with the roots of what sparked the offense.

Realizing that I associate people with the things that they do and say that offend me, I now deal with the pain head-on. So, I am free to see the people as they are aside from my bad experience with them.





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