Striving To Connect

As I sit outside of the Starbucks sipping an awful blend of lemonade and green tea, which I bought to feel like I have a right to hang out and use the WiFi, I watch the people around me (stealthily, of course).

It’s a breezy 85 degrees in northern CA, and I’m trying something new. I’ve never sat at a Starbucks to write, but I have left the house to be with people and ended up alone before.

Where are these Meetup people? I can’t distinguish them from the other customers. While writing songs can be a collaboration, writing blog posts is often a solitary activity. Maybe I wanted to borrow someone’s creative juices. Maybe an amazing conversation could have started over how hard it is to write regularly.

Having an unpredictable encounter with a stranger seemed like just what I needed on this peaceful Saturday afternoon. Oh well!

Will this “party of one” girl ever find a West Coast crew?





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