Heart shaped flowers

Valentine’s Day Short Story

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! In honor of this love filled day, I’m trying my hand at a romance…

Tears threatened to splatter down Shane’s cheeks. He held his head back and sniffed. It’s been eight months since he’s laid eyes on Jay. The emails between them have been getting shorter and shorter lately.

Shane let out a deep breath and drummed his hands against the steering wheel. Remembering how they last parted ways always made a small block of ice form in his chest.

I’ll make it right this time.

He caught sight of Jay through his side mirror, dragging luggage behind her as she typed into her phone. As she passed by his parked Taurus, Shane listened as her heels clicked against the pavement.  His heart beat in rhythm with the constant noise. He could feel himself starting to sweat.

Am I really doing this?

It would be easy to sneak up behind her. She was barely watching where she was going.

That wouldn’t be the best way…it could make her angrier.

Shane reached into the back seat for the flowers he’d bought earlier. He then fingered the ring in his pocket. It was just there to spur him on- he had no intention of having it thrown back in his face.

He slowly emerged from the car and smoothed the wrinkles out of his shirt. It was now or never, and he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

He started towards her, quickening his pace to cross the street before the light changed. He was nearing close enough to call out to her.


Just then, his phone beeped.

That can’t be Jay. I’m the last person she would call after getting back.

The beeping crescendoed, making Shane more and more annoyed. As he reached to tug his phone out of his pocket, his keys slipped and fell to the ground. He bent to pick them up while trying to answer his phone.

“What’s up man?”

“Shane! My girl is having a dinner tomorrow night, and you will not believe who’s gonna be there!”

Shane scanned the streets for Jay’s tan luggage. Where did she get to so quickly?

“You there, man?”

“Uh, yeah. So, who’s coming?”

There was a slight pause. “…Javonda! And, Daphne says she asked about you. I think she want’s to see you, man.”

Shane’s left arm dropped to his side. His hand ached from clutching the flowers. Giving up on finding Jay on the busy street, he turned around and headed back to his car.

“Whoa. So, she’s back in town, huh?”

“I would have thought you’d be the first to know. You were so hung up on her, man. I’m surprised you’re not with her right now.”

Shane forced a chuckle and felt sheepish for the first time that day. He was definitely not telling anyone about this. He handed the flowers to a surprised elderly woman standing near the bus stop and hurried back to his car. Looks like big plans for tomorrow night.

I haven’t written fiction since I was a little kid so this was fun.  The hard part is figuring out what should happen next. Thanks for taking the time to read!


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