Needing to Dream

As mentioned in a previous post, one of my dreams was to live in Redding, California. I felt like it would cause a¬†shift in my life that would bring lots of healing and growth. I’m living that dream right now, but I still feel a need to dream even more and work towards new goals.

I’ve been told that I’m creative, so I’d love to explore new areas where I can express myself which can lead to a new vision for my life.

I attended some spiritual growth classes earlier this year that talked about the importance of the “I Am” statement. We were told to review the prophetic words that we received throughout our lives and choose the ones that resonate most strongly.

We then crafted positive statements that proclaim who we are and what we will accomplish in life. Keeping your identity in mind daily will definitely help you make decisions that work towards your goals.

I came across this Melody on the Move video about dreams and goals and wanted to share it with you since I’ve been thinking about this stuff lately. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Needing to Dream

  1. Alrighty then! I watched the whole video. One can’t help but feel energized and on a higher vibrational level after hanging with you. It’s obvious to me that you are taking your life to the next level, just by acting from your position of current awareness. I love positive energy!!!

    I love affirmations as well, and totally agree that speaking them into existence is the way to flow. May I suggest adding: I AM Thankful for…and I AM Grateful for…to the list.

    Highest and Best!


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