Always Choose Hope

Stop Suicide

World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 is September 10th, 2017.  Please remember to encourage someone who is struggling with hopelessness.

Visit for more information on warning signs and ways to prevent suicide.

Another site that I really liked is This year’s campaign against suicide, which urges people to find their purpose,  is called “Stay.”  They also sell some great T-shirts and hoodies with positive slogans like “Hope is Real.”

Preventing suicide is important to me since I have struggled with that in the past.

I understand how hard it is to choose to stay when nothing’s going right. Definitely get help if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, or anxiety.

The story in the song Wasteland, by NEEDTOBREATHE, encourages me since it talks about how things aren’t perfect, but that a small sliver of hope is just enough to inspire you to hang in there. I hope you’ll be encouraged today.


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